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Gaming Apps

Started developing and publishing Android apps at 2015, firstly a very simple game based on a java applet and then embeded into a web view.

Also created an app to help students study for operative system and distributed systems, I designed an api that would return the data inserted in mysql database, then the android app parse the json objects and display the questions/answers of exams (that I would previously solve in tutoring/supporting classes – decided to do that because me and friends we were studying but studying wrong which was leading to have bad grades).

Funny enough got some SQL Injections (was very newbie into web app development) and that lead to an amazing opportunity, to learn web app development in Ruby on Rails – second research scholarship (MIT Portugal)

Later on in 2019 decided to create games in create.js and construct 2 and generate passive income from Admob ads, that still keep flowing, also learned about ASO and in overall surpassed the 100 000 downloads.

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