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Live Performing

One of the things that I much enjoy in life is playing piano, for me it’s the most complete instrument with a wide spectrum of sounds based on 7 octaves. The possibility of prolonguing the sounds or cut them with pedals make it an extra to imerse in a sound experience.

When I have the opportunity to play piano I don’t follow the goal of playing super well in technique, I enjoy much of discovering patterns or use patterns I’m more used to to play melodic sounds.

For me it becomes an espace, for thoughts and feelings, which gets better when I identify patterns to play well known songs, because people recognize them and start grooving and singing.

For me that’s the highest point of art and culture, when people correlate with the artwork that his being expressed.

Take a time to listen to a few melodies:


Besides playing piano, I enjoy messing around Garage Band, making beats and melodies, writing some lyrics and collaborating with artists which estimulates me a lot my creativity.

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