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This is a project that I started developing in 2021 during the curfew due to the covid19. I saw an option of digital tourism through virtual reality.

Made some works for real estate agencies but as I kept on working on a web platform to generate virtual tours from panoramic images I saw potential for the education sector to showcase artistic and scientific places to students in remote areas.

That lead me to during 2022 to solo travel Europe, I started by my hometown, Lisbon, than expanded, and went abroad, to Geneve, Venice, Almeria to visit specific spots, respectively, CERN, Bienalle and Calar Alto Observatory.

In September enrolled a course on Virtual Reality at Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon, and through the learnings and participation at the 2022 ACM Multimedia that took place in Lisbon, decide to go to Spain and purchase a set of Oculus Quest and started develop in Unity 3D apps that provides the users an immersive experience.

Based on the solutions developed it’s now very easy to generate multiple virtual tours with multiple usages.

Per example:

– Schools: students can literally travel the world without leaving the school.

– Senior Residencies: elderly can visit their childhood places and estimulate memory as well improving sociability by presenting such places to the other elderly in the senior residency.

– Hotels and Tourism Info Points: they can provide an overview of key spots so the guest can adjust better the places to visit accordingly to their interests.

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