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By Daniel Tanque8 de Julho, 2023In Apps

Woonoo – Android App

During the summer of 2019 decided to create gaming apps and in September launched my first profitable game. Back in the college days I made two applications and lead me to great spots, but this one Woonoo was the first where I could surpass 1000 downloads.

Now, almost 4 years later the app has more than 20 000 downloads, and this year decide to update the apps not just improving the gaming experience but also technically taking more sense out of the game usage through API.

The process of getting to this amount of downloads it’s to create consistently more gaming apps, putting effort on ASO whether is text or image.

Besides that is kinda spamming people, the first 100 downloads matter, the reviews also matter (despite positive or negative).

The current structure has two sides a NodeJS server with Express and a Android Application that consumes and produces data through the API. In a short resumed flow is the following, but for each there are a bit more of details, like passwordless authentication, token based authentication, customized ads and more.

In short it was a thrilling and exciting project because besides earning from Admob also have now the possibility of building a mailing list and sell affiliated products through customized ads.

Feel free to check it out in here:

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